Walking project: day 14

I changed my daily target to 6000 steps two days ago (May2), so far I still on track. I’m able to run a little bit now. I took half run half walk exercise today for about 4km (2mi). I started to use Nike+ running app today. I think it’s pretty cool!

Btw today is one day before my estimated period, and I feel just fine. Normally I will start feel bad at this time. It’s a good progress then!

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  1. Hi;
    I have diffused adenomyosis and I ‘ve just started to do sport and running. I know sport help to reduce some sympthomps of adenomyosis, but I have no idea about running. Is it alsO help to reduce the sympthomps or help to increase or manage blood circulation on uterus? since if blood circulation is regular in uterus, blood can help to treat inflammation etc. on adenomyotic parts of uterus. Is it true?

    Many thanks for your reply.

    1. Hi Leyla,

      I only do yoga and walking, I don’t run anymore especially before my period time because I feel more cramps on my period. It’s a bit too much for me. But everyone has different symptoms depends on how bad is your condition. I think you can try to run and see how’s your body reacts on your period, whether it’s help to relieve the symptoms or make it worse.
      The idea of exercising is when you’re exercising, your body reduces the estrogen level. If I’m not mistaken too much estrogen will cause more cramps.

      Yes, I read about light exercise like walking is increasing blood flow of our uterus. I personally do it and it works to relieve the pain. I also follow endometriosis diet/anti inflammatory diet. I think both are a good help to relieve my symptoms other than Indian medicine that I’m taking.

      Here are some information that might help:

      If you decide to walk/run, let me know how’s the progress. Good luck!

      1. Hi;
        First of all, I thank you for your immediate and informative answers.
        Actually, living with adenomyosis is a very long and challenging way 🙁
        I’ve also changed my diet and eating more natural, more alcali foods/drinks as much as possible. As I said, I do sport, yoga and started running at the same time but I have on IVF process as well (I do not have child (I had lost 9-week baby due to adenomyosis) and I’m 36. My main problem is heavy bleeding. I can combat with pain (it is also heavy), but bleeding is unbelievable. If you have experience to manage/ reduce bleeding and share me, it will be so beneficial for me.
        And finally, I will share with you about running and adenomyosis.
        (by the way, I can not run my period time and after week as well, impossible, ’cause I have to just rest due to blood level. So, I think that running between periods may cause regular blood circulation and treat the inflammation. I hope so…)

        Thank you again and good luck you too 🙂

        1. Hi Leyla,

          I think we have similar experience. I do not have any children. I had miscarriage because of Adenomyosis, I was 7 weeks pregnant. I’m under treatment of Ayurvedic doctor, she told me not to get pregnant again yet because I might get miscarriage again. So I’m waiting for her to say “yes” to try get pregnant again. I’m 33 years old.

          I have my heavy bleeding under control. It’s only 24 hours now, it was 4-5 days 😬 I’ve been on Ayurvedic medicine to control the bleeding, my doctor prescribed herbal pills and has been changed several times, so I’m not sure I can advise this for you. But, when I ran out my medicine, my doctor told me to make coriander seeds decoction to control the bleeding and pain. Boil 1 tbsp of coriander seeds with 1 cup of water (I use the powder, but you can use the seeds if you have it), boil it under medium heat until the water only left half cup (about 10-13 minutes). Strain the seeds/powder, pour the water to a cup, add 1 tbs blackstrap molasses and stir. Drink it when it’s warm.

          Coriander seeds helped to balance our hormones and regulate our bleeding, here’s article about it:

          Blackstrap Molasses also beneficial to reduce the bleeding

          I hope it helps!

          – Ellie

  2. Hi again,
    Have you heard about Fuyan Pill? It is a Chinese natural mecidine using for adenomyosis treatment. I really wonder if it works or not.. If reply me on this question, I will be really happy..

    1. Hi Leyla,

      Yes, I have read about this pill but I personally have never tried it.

      Do they have this pill at the place where you live in?

      1. No, unfortunately. Last year, I tried to find Furan pills by a my friend who visited to China, but he could not find the pills in Shangai. he found another suggested pills but I could not decide to use/ believe that pills, so I did not buy. Probably, Furan pills are selling on the internet only and I cannot trust. I thougth that maybe you tried or heard about Furan pills ’cause you are living in China. Anyway, I’m so glad to read your answer. many many thanks…

        1. Maybe “Fuyan pills” is the marketing name and they don’t call that here. My Chinese is very poor, so I can’t help much here 😔

          No problem!

  3. Hi Ellie;
    I’m really appreciated to find somebody has similar challenge. I live in Turkey and there are quite less women have this disease and most of them do not write their experience on the internet. I usually follow foreign web pages for instance; https://healthunlocked.com/endometriosis-uk/posts and https://www.facebook.com/ADENOMYOSISADVICEASSOCIATION/
    In Turkey, herbal treatment are extensively using for treatment, but any herbalist does not know about Adenomyosis. I have tired to explain them, but believe me too hard. You know Adenomyosis is already complex in itself. Ayurvedic treatment in Turkey is quite limited and these people do not know anything about Adenomyosis as well.
    I wonder that how I can reach your Ayurvedic doctor? Can she does absent treatment (remote treatment)? Does she examine you physically for example via Ultrasonography? I need her help as you guess. So, I would ask much less question to you 🙂
    As I said, I had a miscarriage when I was 9 week pregnant. Then, I had one IVF with negatif result. Now, I’m on IVF process again, but last week my Doctor cancelled my IVF (I mean that transfer of the embrios was cancelled) because of the statue of my uterus. It is horrible. It is still bigger than normal size, not in normal shape, full of adenomyotic zones… and I have been on Lucrin treatment during 6 + 3 months. The adenomyosis was not shrinked. Result is nothing 🙁
    Now, I’m waiting for my period, that is horrible days… But definetely I will use Coriander seeds from now on and will write to u the progress.
    I’m sure that you know use of ginder, turmeric, cinnamon, water with carbonate ( 1 dessertspoon biocarbonate into 1 glass of water, mix and drink- 2 times in a day) are also useful for the inflammation.
    Thank you again my dear sister 🙂

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