Eating Clean: Day 13

I had a late breakfast, around 11 am. I woke up quite early but I felt tired because I woke up several time the night before. So I decided to take a nap to regain my energy. 

I had papayas, strawberries, fava beans, almonds, and cashews for breakfast. Nuts and beans really help to make me feel stuffed.

For lunch I had 麻辣汤 (Malatang: spicy soup). I didn’t expect the restaurant to gave me that much chili oil because I ordered the mild broth, I ended up do not drink the soup 😓

So what’s in my soup? There are cauliflowers, napa cabbages, black mushrooms, seaweeds, rice noodles, and quail eggs. I didn’t eat the quail eggs, I forgot that I shouldn’t order it because it’s almost my period time, it’s better to avoid anything from animals including eggs.

I had a late lunch, around 3:30pm. By the dinner time, I didn’t really feel hungry. So I just eat seamed organic rice, steamed cauliflowers, and steamed pineapple.

Around 9pm I started eat mix nuts again 😆


Pain checker of day -3 of the projected period:

No pain at all, my mood was good 😊 I still have a little cold symptom, but I think it’s going away. 

The same day last period I did 24 hours water fasting to relieve my back pain and lower abdomen discomfort.

Medicine and Suplements

I got my Ayurvedic medicines yesterday. I had to picked it up at the custom office. They held it for few days. Apparently Chinese regulations prohibit people in China to receive medicines from abroad. The funny thing was I have been receiving Ayurvedic medicines for more than a year and they just started to check my package this month. Apparently I have ran out luck! 

It’s not a good news for me. I need to figure how to get my medicines deliver from India to China, no matter what.

Anyway, here is my new Ayurvedic medicines for the next one month.

I also take some suplements every morning.

I bought turmeric supplement from iherb. I read that turmeric is good to reduce inflammation, I want to give it a shot. I’m still waiting for reply from my doctor about the dosage that I should take. The brand that I bought is called Organic India. It has a really good review from many people on iherb. Let’s see how my body reacts to it.

Eating Clean: Day 12

For breakfast I had papayas, strawberries, and bananas. It was very filling 😬

Another vegetable soup with rice noodle and quail eggs for lunch 😆😋 Not too spicy this time 😈

I ate too much almonds before dinner, that’s why I only ate light dinner last night. Steamed broccoli, steamed pineapples, and a little bit more almonds 😆

Pain checker day -4 of the projected period:

No pain at all. The same day last period I had slight back pain and lower abdomen discomfort. 

Temporary conclusion: eating clean diet helps to reduce inflammation, it means less or no pain.

Eating Clean: Day 11

Breakfast : red dragon fruits, a banana, a kiwi, and a bunch of almonds 😁

Same old same old for lunch…  I’m a boring person 😆

My dinner was steamed organic rice with two eggs, carrots, and Peas.


Pain checker of Day -5 of the projected period: 

No back aches, cramps or whatsoever, but I started sneezing a lot after I went out. Yes, I’m catching cold 🤧