24 hours water fasting

I’m doing water fasting today. I will do it for 24 hours. I started last night at 10pm, I will break my fast tonight at 10pm.

Fasting is not a new thing for me. I’m a Muslim. I always fast during Ramadan since I was 10 years old. The way Muslim fast is by not eat and drink from sunrise to sundown. In Ramadan we should do it for a month. We can also fast in months other than Ramadan, it’s optional. But why this time I’m choosing water fasting? Well, my doctor advised me to do water fasting to help my healing from Adenomyosis once a week. I started last month. I think there is slight improvement with the symptoms.

On my last ovulation day I was fasting. I usually experience cramps and back pain on that day, but when I was fasting,  those symptoms were gone. So I wanted to give this fasting regime more shots!

Yesterday (day 6 before my next period) I started to feel slight back pain and lower abdomen discomfort. It’s a bad news for me. That’s why I decided to fast today, to relieve those symptoms and hopefully my body reduce the inflammation inside my uterus.

It’s almost noon. I feel a little bit weak and hungry. But other than that I feel fine. The slight back pain and lower abdomen discomfort has gone. I’ll give further update later 😊

9:30 pm

Total water taken: 2L

I broke my fast half an hour earlier than what I scheduled. I have to go to bed at 10:30pm. It’s not healthy to eat too close to bed time. So here’s my breaking meal… Mango and dragon fruit!

Start from tomorrow no more chips, wafers and other junk food. No more cheats!

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  1. It is really interesting! “my doctor advised me to do water fasting to help my healing from Adenomyosis once a week.” But, water is the most important thing to body health. Could you please explain me why the doctor adviced you water fasting?

    1. Uhm.. I think you got me wrong… Water fasting means that you can’t eat any food for certain period of time, you can only drink water. I did 24 hours fasting.. You can also do “intermittent fasting” just like what Muslims do. So basically you don’t eat food and drink water for about 16-20 hours. Muslims do it at day time. But you can do it differently, it will be easier for you to stop eat and drink after dinner time, and then start eating again at lunch time 😉

      By doing fasting your body will have time to repair itself, including eat up abnormal cells and unnecessary growth (just like Adenomyosis). This process called Autophagy.


    2. Fasting is still work in progress for me, I’m not sure how effective it is yet. I really hope it works 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. Hi Ellie;
    :))) sorry for misunderstanding. I know Ramadan fasting, I’m a muslim and fasting as well 🙂 I thougth that you do not drink water all day for an alternatif treatment. Ok. I got it now. I think water fasting is like a detox. Sometimes I do different detox for body healing. I’ll try water fasting too. I hope it works for both of us. I’m praying for you and me and all women having Adenomyosis…

    1. Hi Leyla,

      It’s okay, the fasting name is kinda misleading 😆😆😆 Yes, it’s just like detox! Btw, I’m happy to meet a Muslim sister here, I’m a Muslim too.

      I hope so, thank you for your prayer. Having Adenomyosis is hard for me, especially because of the longing pain. I’m trying to accept this condition, so I won’t be angry about it. Angers give me stress, and I know stress is not good for my body… it’s just like trying to break a demonic cycle 😆

      I might be crawling but I’m keep going…

      That’s my healing “mantra” to live with this condition. I will keep you in my prayers 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


    1. Hi Dam,
      I’m not doing 24 hours water fasting anymore these last 2 months. I’m doing intermittent fasting (16hours fasting/8 hours eating window), twice a week.
      Is your friend has Adeno too?

    1. According to my doctor it helps to reduce inflammation in my body. I would say IF + Endo diet help to reduce the pain. I’m not sure how’s the result for IF only. I think your friend can try it twice a week for a month and see how’s her body reacts.

  3. Hi ellie, i have also been diagnosed with adenomyosis june 2017. Have tried modern med for two months followed by traditional med for the subsequent two months. The latter helped in reducing pain mostly but did not help in shrinking the condition. Im thinking of taking the modern med (Visanne) and traditional med together starting today. I would also like to know more about this water detox routine of yours. Did you take any meds while going on this water detox routine? Thanx

    1. Hi Tanya,

      Thank you for checking on my blog!
      Regarding water fasting – No, I didn’t take any medicine while doing it, only water and lemon water. I have a sensitive stomach, I was afraid that took medicine without food will hurt my stomach. For this reason, I only do my fasting on my period free days.

      Your case is the same as mine, traditional med helps with the pain but didn’t help to shrink the uterus. I gain one size because my uterus grew bigger in one year. It’s frustrating 😫

      1. What did your doctor ask you to do then, just 24hour water fasting once a week or what?
        So what do you do now? Do you take any medication? Any progress in your condition?
        It is really frustrating too. Spoils my daily routine.

        1. FYI, the doctor who advises me to fast is my Ayurvedic doctor. She told me to fast twice a week (because I’m underweight), she said any kind of fast. Few months ago I tried 24 hours water fasting, I lost weight pretty fast, so tried intermittent fasting. 16 hours of fasting window and 8 hours eating window. I will stop eating after dinner until noon, basically I skipped breakfast. I’m planning to do IF everyday on my non painful days, hopefully I can see a better result.

          Yes, I take Ayurvedic medicine. My current medicines help to control the excessive bleeding and the pain. We haven’t successfully shrinks my uterus yet. I stopped seeing my western doctor, IMO he didn’t give me any good advice. Maybe because I don’t speak Chinese, that’s why he couldn’t explains very well… I’m not sure..

          Actually this month my pain getting worse, maybe because I started to jog earlier this month. My doctor told me that I could only do walking and yoga, I shouldn’t do any heavy exercise. But… I want to challenge my body, maybe… just maybe… to become more physically active will help to fight the inflammation. I might be wrong, we’ll see…

          How about you? What efforts have you done to beat this crazy Adeno?

  4. Hi ellie. Owh your ayurvedic doctor suggested you fast twice a week because you were underweight. Im not underweight, hence im planning to try 24hr fasting twice a week. Or i could also try IF everyday. Im unsure which one would be convenient for me. But im on a 24hr water fasting today.

    As for my condition, my flow is normal. I only suffer from excessive pain (lower ab and lower back). My doctor suggested i take whichever med helps me to reduce the pain. But my concern is about shrinking the uterus. Im taking the modern med (Visanne) and the traditional med together (started yesterday). Im planning to include cinnamon and turmeric into my diet. Im unsure on how effective its going to be but no harm in giving it a try.

    My pain has reduced a lot (thanks to traditional med). But no effect on the size of my uterus (sad).

    So has the water fasting helped you to reduce the size or the pain in any way?

    I have stopped exercising since the beginning of this year. I must begin walking and hiking. Like you said physically active body could help in fighting inflammation.

    1. Hi Tanya,

      What traditional med do you take?
      Yes, no harm to give it a try. I hope it works for you!

      The fasting helps to reduce the pain, but I’m not sure about reducing the uterus size. I haven’t go to doctor to get usg scan yet. I noticed that my tummy looks bigger, but I think it’s the stomach fat. I’ve been so lazy this summer, almost no exercise at all… that’s why I gained fat 😆

      I have problem with consistency when doing this whole Endo diet + fasting + exercises things.. I hope you do better than me 😊

      1. Hi ellie,
        Sorry for the late reply. I dont know what is the nut called in english (will try to find out and let u know). Its a nut crushed with pepper and taken with water.
        Please go see the doctor for an ultrasound. Its important for u to stay updated on the progress of your condition.
        Diet wise, im taking in all the food as per planned. As for the fasting, i did my 22hr water fasting last wednsday. Will continue with it starting monday.
        I hope i can follow my plans as well. 😋
        I have another issue which needs to be solved as well. Constipation. I have tried many tricks to be rid of it, but unfortunately cant do much.
        U have the same issue?

        1. Hi Tanya,

          I’ll check with my Ayurvedic doctor about when should I get an ultrasound. I remember she mentioned it a couple months ago, but then I forgot about it 😅
          I had constipation before, but It has gone since I take my Ayurvedic medicine. Have you tried to consume papayas everyday? It helps digestive system and high in anti inflammatory. I know it sounds gross, but I don’t even have to push anymore when I poo after I consume Papayas 😅😅😅

  5. Hey ellie,
    Sorry for the very late response. Yes please, go and get yourself an ultrasound so that u are aware of the progress. I do eat papaya but not everyday. Haha i have even tried prunes which helped in the beginning then got immune to that too.
    The indian traditional nut i took with pepper is called ‘kazhichikkai’ in tamil or google ‘sagar gota’. This helped with the pain.

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