I just had a chat with my doctor by phone. She told me that I have a poor diet and I need to change my diet for good if I want to get relieve from my pain. 

I eat too much potato chips, too little fruits and veggies. She told me to cut off potato chips and all of the packaged food, reduce my seafood intake, increase my fruit and vegetable intake, and also add more variety of them. She also told me specifically to add pomegranate, papaya, and goji berry for my diet. Oh my God, it’s sounds a lot for me! But she said if I can follow her advice, it will cut off the pain level for about 50% 😱😱😱 yes, I want that!!!! 

She sent me a link of how to massage certain point on my leg to help my menstrual problem. How cool is that?

 I have a great doctor. I need to stop being careless about my health. I need to change, NOW!

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