My Medicines

I have two doctors who are treating my Adenomyosis. My first doctor is an Ayurvedic gynecologist from India, she has been treating me for more than a year now. She also sent me medicines when I had miscarriage. My second doctor is a local gynecologist here in China. 

My Chinese gynecologist gave me some capsules that will help regulates my menstrual problem, it also helps relieve the pain. I have checked with my Indian gynecologist, she said it’s not contradicts my current medicines. So now I’m taking medicines from both doctors 😆

Because I ran out my Ayurvedic pills, for now I only take Ayurvedic decoction that mixed with 1tsp castor oil in the morning and only Ayurvedic decoction at night. 

This drink tastes so bad, I always feel want to throw up after I drink it 😷😷😷 I always tell my self, “Drink it like a champ! Drink it like a champ!”. But after that… 😫😫😫😷😷😷

I’m still waiting for my new Ayurvedic medicines arrive, maybe next week. Meanwhile I have to survive the castor oil madness 😱😱😱

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