Eating Clean: Day 3

Pain checker: Day 11 – Slight back pain (2/10) and dullness on lower abdomen (1/10)

Breakfast: a wholewheat peanut butter toast, a half of apple, and some strawberries. I also drank warm honey lemon 30 minutes before breakfast time. I use raw honey.

I ordered cabbage dumplings and shredded potatoes for lunch. And I made my own favorite dumpling sauce with lots of raw garlic 😁

So… after I took a bite of the dumpling I tasted something strange. The dumplings not only filled with cabbages, it’s also filled with something taste like meat. After I checked again the dumpling’s description on the takeaway app, it said also contains dregs of fat. I was so hungry, I ate 9 pcs of it 😞 I knew I will pay for this…

Pain checker: 3pm – slight backpain 3/10, slight cramps 2/10

I’m sorry my body, I just betrayed you 😔

I lost my appetite, I only ate some shredded potatoes from lunch and a couple of purple sweet potatoes.

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