Eating Clean: Day 5

I just burnt my toast πŸ˜† I tried to make a savory toast. I mixed 1 tbsp of ghee, a pinch of salt, garlic powder, thyme, toasted garlic and onion and spread it on a wholewheat bread. I used oven to toast the bread, Β put it on 10 minutes (without preheat) and added 5 more minutes without looking back to the toast. Yep, I burnt it πŸ˜† but the taste was soooo good!

I cut a half of papaya and a kiwi. Perfect taste, sweet and sour πŸ˜‹


Me and my hubby met for lunch, we went to Korean restaurant. Healthy food indeed 😊


I made Indonesian bumbu rujak beans, steamed vegetables, olive oil fried egg, and rice for dinner. It’s a simple dinner but so tasty.

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