Eating Clean: Day 28 – 38

Another summary of my eating clean effort aka endo diet. I slipped here and there, that’s when I ate doughnuts, creamy mushroom soup, feta cheese, and drank green tea latte. As what I said in my earlier post. I paid for what I’ve done.

Day 1 in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City

I arrived at Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) yesterday afternoon. My first impressions were hot and clean. It reminds me to Bangkok, but much cleaner. The traffic was quite bad from the airport to my hotel that located in District 1. So far I like this city.

After I’ve arrived at the hotel, I took a quick shower. Me and husband took a short walk to Bui Vien Street to find something to eat. My husband ordered chicken spring rolls and I ordered local’s stir fried vegetables and pineapple fried rice. It was tasty!

Of course, my best friend, Adenomyosis won’t leave me alone. It gave me cramps that pushed us rushed to our hotel sooner than our plan. When we arrived, I found that my new electric hot water bag didn’t came out with a charger in its packaging. I felt frustrated. 

My husband rushed out to find a hot water bag for me. He came home with this:

If I were in China, I wouldn’t buy this type of hot water bag. It’s low quality, it smelled like burnt plastic when I pour hot water in it. But this is the best my husband could find. He went to 3 three different pharmacies to get this. 

He also bought this:

Paracetamol with codeine? The pharmacy people said should help with the pain. But I’m too scared to experiment with a new medicine when I’m in pain, so I’ll stick with ibuprofen. 

Around 7pm I found that I had my period. Okay, all of the pain made sense now. It came one day earlier than the prediction.

I ate mangoes that I bought from a street vendor for dinner.

Around 9 pm my husband back from dinner and brought me this :

Green juice with ginger in it. I passed out after I drank it. I think it helps with the pain. I only took total 1 ibuprofen yesterday.

It’s hard to travel when you have Adenomyosis. Lots of preparations needed. And when something messed up, you need to be prepare for the worst. I’m grateful to have such a wonderful husband who understands how hard living with Adenomyosis would be. I love him very very much! 😍😍😍

Pain checker – day 1 of this month’s cycle: Cramps and lower back pain (2/10-3/10)

Ibuprofen: 1 x 200mg

I need a miracle

I have arrived in Vietnam today. A beautiful country to visit. I took a walk and ate at a nearby restaurant from my hotel. I started to feel cramps, I took one ibuprofen to relieve the pain. After finished our meal, we took a short walk around the hotel area before went back to the hotel. 

At the hotel, I was excited to try my new electric hot water bag that I  bought yesterday for my trip. My old ones was broken. When I opened the packaging, I couldn’t find any charger for it. I didn’t checked it when I bought it because I was in hurry.

My pain is escalating, and I’m in my hotel room trying to deal with the pain until the ibuprofen is reacting. I don’t think I can make it without the how water bag 😭 My husband is out now to find hot water bag for me. I really hope he will find one, I though I doubt it..  😔 My husband said that he will try to buy me a strong pain killer for me..

I feel frustrated… I feel that I’m going to cry 😭 

I Did It to Myself 

A little confession…

I drank Starbucks’s green tea latte 4 days ago.

I ate 4 small cubes feta cheese and mushrooms soup which I was pretty sure had dairy in it.

I ate fried rice 2 days ago.

2 days ago, I started feel slight pain on my lower back and lower abdomen. 1 ibuprofen was taken. I was afraid that I couldn’t sleep because of the pain.

Yesterday, I did so many choruses. I was preparing for my trip to Vietnam. The pain came back for visit around 3pm. The temperature was cold and I had to go to a vet. I took 1 ibuprofen.

Now, it’s 3:38am. I’m at Guangzhou airport, heading to Vietnam soon. I’m feeling cramps. I can’t sleep. 

Yes, I did it to myself. I shouldn’t eat any dairy products few days before my predicted period. Last month I did great, no pain at all until the period date. Now I feel scared, what if the pain worsened than last month? I should enjoy my vacation, exploring the city, not laying on the bed in pain. Oh Adenomyosis, when will you leave me alone? 😭