Eating Clean: Day 16 – 22

It’s been a week since the last time I wrote my food journal. I was in my painful time of the month, I just didn’t feel like to write anything. But I kept tracking my food intake. So, I’ll just dump it all in one post 😬😬😬

Day 16 a.k.a the first day of my period this month. It was the beginning of my painful days 😬

Day 17 a.k.a the most painful day of the month. I barely eat this day. My body was in so much pain, I had no appetite at all. I only ate mix nuts and goji berries all day.

Day 18 a.k.a. Day 3 of my period. I got my appetite back. I skipped my breakfast because I woke up late.

Day 19 (Day 4 cycle)

Day 20 (day 5 cycle)

Day 21 (day 6 cycle) -I skipped my breakfast because I woke up late. It was my husband’s birthday, so we went out to Indian restaurant for dinner 😊🎉🎊

Day 22 (day 7 cycle)

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