I Did It to Myself 

A little confession…

I drank Starbucks’s green tea latte 4 days ago.

I ate 4 small cubes feta cheese and mushrooms soup which I was pretty sure had dairy in it.

I ate fried rice 2 days ago.

2 days ago, I started feel slight pain on my lower back and lower abdomen. 1 ibuprofen was taken. I was afraid that I couldn’t sleep because of the pain.

Yesterday, I did so many choruses. I was preparing for my trip to Vietnam. The pain came back for visit around 3pm. The temperature was cold and I had to go to a vet. I took 1 ibuprofen.

Now, it’s 3:38am. I’m at Guangzhou airport, heading to Vietnam soon. I’m feeling cramps. I can’t sleep. 

Yes, I did it to myself. I shouldn’t eat any dairy products few days before my predicted period. Last month I did great, no pain at all until the period date. Now I feel scared, what if the pain worsened than last month? I should enjoy my vacation, exploring the city, not laying on the bed in pain. Oh Adenomyosis, when will you leave me alone? 😭 

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