I feel that I need to vent once in awhile, and today is one of those days…

It’s day 13th of my cycle. I felt great this morning. I went to an animal hospital to get my cat vaccinated. I carried him in his pet backpack. He was a little upset but he seemed enjoying the trip. I took a taxi to go to the vet and took a bus home. I felt just fine until I have arrived home.

I feel lower back pain again. Seriously? It’s day 13! Why don’t you leave me alone, Adeno?! 😖

Until yesterday I still felt back pain and slight cramps. I thought I will be free today because I have passed my ovulation day, but then the pain sneaked back in! 😭😭😭

 Guess what? I will have my next period in 12 days. It means I might have 11 pain free days in a month. I have more painful days than pain free days. I’m trying to be positive all the time, but there are times when I feel tired with all of this pain. I just want to scream and cry! 😭😭😭

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