Night Pain

It’s 3:45 am. I have been waking up since 2 am. I’m in pain, back pain and lower abdomen pain. Even a level 4 pain could feel so painful in the middle of the night like this. I just took an ibuprofen. I still need to wait until it’s reacting so I can go back to sleep. Meanwhile I will try to manage the pain as much as possible 😔



4:20 am 

I’m still awake. The pain has been decreasing a little. 

Josh Groban and Linkin Park are singing for me 🎶 

My hot water bags are comforting me 🙏🏼

My cat woke up for awhile accompanied me. My husband woke up for a sec, rubbed my belly and then hold my hand while went back to sleep.

Although I’m in pain, I still have things to be grateful for. 

Life is good. 

4:50 am

The pain down to 2/10. 

I’m feeling sleepy, that’s good.. I think I will fall asleep soon. Just need to warming up one of my water bag one more time.

Good night… or… good morning…

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