Remember The Pain!

It’s 2am. I woke up few minutes ago because I started to feel pain. Lower abdomen cramps 3/10, lower back pain 3/10. I knew it will escalate soon if I didn’t take ibuprofen. I started to feel nauseous and the pain from my lower back goes to my right leg.

Next time when you want to drink green tea latte, remember this moment, remember this PAIN!

2 Replies to “Remember The Pain!”

  1. Hi, I’m recently diagnose with Adenomyosis. I’m curious. Do u had any treatment or surgery as a result of your adenomyosis? I had a recent myomectomy which doc tot was a case of fibroid. Only to know later, it was adenomyosis. Wonder if the pain will persist after my surgery

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by.
    No, I hadn’t. I’m avoiding any kind of surgery, I had a breast surgery to remove a lump few years ago and I wasn’t thrilled with the experience 😬
    I’m trying natural ways to cope with the pain using Ayurvedic medicine and do endo diet. I can see the progress, a little slow but there’s a progress.
    Sorry, I can’t answer your question. But I think you can ask this question in a group on Facebook called “Adenomyosis Support”, some of the ladies there might be able to help.
    Sending you prayer for speedy recovery 🙏🏼

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