May PD3

Yesterday (day 2) was a hard day. I had only a little sleep, so much pain all day and I barely had energy even to sit. This disease really take so much out of me. 

Thank God, I had a good night sleep last night. Ibuprofen before bed was my savior. I told myself I will not try to toughened up and refuse to take ibuprofen anymore. I’m tired of the pain. I needed a good night sleep. 

Today I will take it easy. I finished my final exams on Sunday, the class is over. Now I have to relax for a bit. 

Let’s talk about pain. I woke up with a very low energy. It makes sense because I lost so much blood yesterday and ate a little food because I felt nauseous almost all day. The pain is quite manageable, 2-3/10 lower back pain. I took ibuprofen about an hour ago. I’m still waiting for its reaction, but I think it will help me get through the day. I will give update a bit later 😊

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