Ramadan Fasting : First Day

– May Cycle Day 9 –

Today is the 6th day of Ramadan, but for me it will be my first day of fasting. Muslim women are allowed not to fast when they are having their menses, sick, pregnant, or nursing. These last 6 days I was in the first two categories, menstruated and sick.

Last year I only fast for about a week. A short cycle and prolonged pain pushed me to surrender to Adenomyosis. It saddens me. I used to fast almost the whole month (minuses the periods). There’s happiness when I fast more days, it felt like the victory was mine!

To do Ramadan fasting you need to mention your intention to fast the night before. I think the purpose is to tell your body to get ready to fast the next day. I did that last night. 

I woke up at 2:45 am to do sehar (sahur in Indonesian). Sehar is early breakfast before you start to fast. I ate rice and lentils dish, took my supplements (turmeric, cod liver oil, multi vitamins, and folic acid), and drank plenty of waters. It’s always not easy to eat that early in the morning (I was super sleepy!), especially the first few days, but your body will get used to it overtime.

Today’s fasting started at 3:30am and it will end at 7:11pm. It’s pretty easy. I have had fast until 8:30pm few years ago. It was summer time and I lived in the northern part of China, perfect! 😆😆😆 I have never been bothered by the hunger, my main problem is the thirst. Especially in the summer. It’s just so hard…

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I had lower back pain and random rectum pain last night. It stayed until bed time. This morning when I woke up for sehar, I still feel slight pain on my lower back (1/10) but I can ignore that. This morning when I woke up at 6:45am the 1/10 lower back pain still there. I just hope my body could be strong today and my Adenomyosis won’t flare that bad.

I went number 2 around 7am. I was nervous, usually the pain escalates after number 2 (especially rectum pain). Surprisingly the pain stayed on level 1/10😱😱😱 I felt relieved 😌 My body, please be kind to me today 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


I don’t remember that I have mentioned this, around 2009 I had a weird hard boney like bump grew on my palm. I went to a GP and she told me to go to a bone specialist doctor to had it checked, she said I might need a surgery.  Based on my palm’s X-rays result, the hard bump came out from my bone. It was the early Ramadan, I decided to see the bone specialist doctor after Eid Fitr (I was scared, I just had a breast lump removal surgery early that year), so about 3-4 weeks later. I fasted the whole month and I was busy with my work, I forgot about the hard bump.

After Eid Fitr I came back to work, that’s when I remember that I need to go to the bone specialist to check my palm. That’s when I realized that the bump has gone. I went to my GP and she was surprised too. I was pretty sure that fasting helped my body repair itself, I have read about it before but I have never experienced or realized it until then.

Last year, my Ayurvedic doctor sent me an article about how fasting helped with our body self repair, that’s why I tried to do water fasting a couple times a week. Here’s the article that my doctor sent:


I tried weekly water fasting for about 3 weeks, but then  I stopped because I freaked out, I lost my weight and it didn’t come back. FYI, I’m underweight, losing weight always freaks me out. 

I know that my Adenomyosis progressing faster, I just can feel it. My stomach grew bigger than a couple months ago. I have to do something. It stressed me out and I know stress is a bad thing for my health. 

Ramadan is here, I think it’s a good momentum to restart my fasting project. I really hope that my body is strong enough to fix my uterus problem. I also need to eat better and exercise regularly. It feels hard to do… I have failed several times with my endo diet. But I’m not giving up yet!

It’s 9am, I need to start my daily activities. I’ll give you updates later. Ciao! 😘


1:08pm – I just broke my fast and took 1 Ibuprofen. I have been in pain since 11am after I went number 2 for the second time. The pain has gone from 1/10 to 4/10, I knew that it will going to be worse if I kept toughen up and continued fasting. 

Adenomyosis beat me today 😞 

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