Cleaning Day

On the way to my new apartment

– May Cycle Day 11 –

Yesterday I went to my apartment to clean it. I was shocked that it was so dirty. The previous tenant just left the apartment a couple days ago but the condition of the apartment seemed like it has never been cleaned for years. Seriously, there were spider web, the dust were very thick and it was everywhere. The previous tenant was a smoker, there were cigarettes butts everywhere. The bathroom condition were also terrible. The kitchen also very dirty. It’s so gross! How could a human being live in that kind of situation? 🤢 I’ve rent 3 different apartments while I live in China, and this is the worst cleaning project I’ve ever encountered. 😤

I took ibuprofen in the morning to make sure I can do physical work, and it worked. I did the first dusting, it took me hours. I even forgot to have lunch.

Today me and my husband will go there to do secondary cleaning. Mostly will be dusting and wiping windows and furniture. I’m ordering electric floor scrubs to clean the bathroom and the kitchen, so I’ll need to wait until it has arrived. We will also need to install shower curtain and water blocker. The current bathroom doesn’t have it. So when you take shower everything will be wet! I know some houses in China are like that. My first apartment in China had that kind of wet bathroom and it sucked! 

We decided to move out because the current apartment is a studio apartment, a bit too small for us. We have so many junks! 😆😆😆 The second reason is because we live in a very busy building, going up and down the elevators could be a very frustrating experience. Especially when many Chinese people don’t know how to queue! The third reason is the bathroom. I don’t know how the builder did the piping, but every evening there would be a stinky smell comes out of the sink and the drain holes. It smells like poo! 🤢🤢🤢 Those are more than enough reason to move out of this place.

Our new apartment building is older than our current. It’s difficult to get 2 bedrooms apartment in a new building at downtown Nanjing, at least not in our budget ranges 😆😆😆. We are lucky to get this one. We just need to clean it and makes it our new home. The previous tenant made sure we have to work hard for it. Dang gross woman!

No pictures of the new apartment will be uploaded today, not when it looks super dirty! 😆😆😆

Pain checker:

I had rectum and lower back pain this morning (2/10). I had taken 1 ibuprofen to relieve it.


We didn’t go to the new apartment. We will go tomorrow, maybe 😜

5 Replies to “Cleaning Day”

  1. In reading your entries, I wonder if you also have endometriosis? Adenomyosis and endometriosis can happen at the same time. Endometriosis often can not be seen on an ultrasound or other non-invasive test. Most diagnosis are made through laparoscopic surgery. I understand and respect you are staying natural. I thought if you had this additional theory you might be able to try a few different things. Diet makes a significant difference for sure. I have found curcumin to be very helpful (anti-inflammatory)

    1. Hi Kate,
      According to the ultrasound founding I only have Adenomyosis. I’m scared of surgery, so the laparoscopic surgery for diagnosis is out of the table 😬
      Yes, I also take curcumin supplement. The brand that I use is Organic India, Turmeric Formula. It’s a mixture of turmeric and ginger, double anti inflammatory!

      1. Ultrasound wouldn’t detect endometriosis, only a laparoscopy would. If there is endo, it could be having a big impact on your fertility. Maybe.

        I only know about this because the doc who is doing my surgery specializes in endometriosis excision to help women get pregnant.

        It’s just some extra information to think about.

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