Pre-Menstrual Pain

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Today is a day -3 of my next expected period.

I felt light cramps and back pain since yesterday (1-2/10). I had a really hard day yesterday, it was a very emotional day. I cried all day. The cramps and back pain started after I heard a terrible news (sorry I can’t share it…). It’s amazing how stress can affect my body that fast.

This morning I feel better emotionally but the pain still there. I took 1 pill of ibuprofen before I went to the vet to get my cat checked but it seemed doesn’t work. I had to toughen up all day. I felt the pain until in the afternoon. Why ibuprofen? Why don’t you work today?! 😖 I think I should take the liquid form ibuprofen instead, somehow I think it works better than the pills.

The pain lessens after I drank a cup of raspberry leaf tea. Raspberry leaf tea help to strengthen the uterus and ease menstrual discomfort. I like Yogi brand. I also drink some other variations of their teas.

Yogi – Woman’s Raspberry Leaf

It eases menstrual discomfort and supports uterus health.

I bought it from iHerb, cheaper than when I bought here in China.  You can buy it from the link below and get 5% off on your first order.

Yogi – Raspberry Leaf

I also drink Yogi’s Women’s Moon Cycle to relief menstrual pain/discomfort.

Yogi – Women’s Moon Cycle

I’m running out my Ayurvedic medicine for this month and I have been sloppy with my diet (again!) these last 2 weeks, I’m a bit nervous about the pain level for the next period. It sucks that I have to think about the next painful period every time 😖

I need to pray for less pain 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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