A Painful Trip

Period Day 1

My cat had an appointment with his vet today to get a shot. My husband told me that I don’t have to come because my period just started. I know that my cat usually freaks out when I’m not around, I don’t want him to be traumatized so I told my husband I will go with him because the pain is light (2-3/10).

Before we left I took 1 liquid gel ibuprofen, coriander seeds decoction + blackstrap molasses. We took taxi otw there. At the vet everything went smooth, my pain was manageable and my cat didn’t freak out. 

After finished with the vet we decided to take bus otw home. My cat enjoys bus trip and so do we. We had to walk for about 10 minutes from the vet to a bus stop. This is when the disaster started.

I was feeling fine on 2/3 trip to the bus stop. But then I started to see yellow lights on my vision, my body felt lighter, and my cramps elevated. I told my husband I need to stop, so we stopped and I squat on the side of a road. I rested for about 2-3 minutes until the yellow lights gone and then continued the to walk. I had to take squat breaks for 3 times.

Me, squatting on the side of the road
We had to wait for 10-15 minutes before our bus came. It was very hot today, I sweated so bad. The cramps and back pain escalated to about 4/10. When the bus came we took a seat at the back area. The trip took for about 30 minutes. My pain was getting worse, escalated to 6-7. I started to make my ugly full of pain face. People started staring at me, I didn’t care anymore.  I couldn’t squat, I found that squatting helps to relieve the pain. Couldn’t lay neither. I felt like I want to cry. 

I had a biscuit in my purse, I ate it and then swallowed 1 ibuprofen. I hoped that when I got off the bus I will feel better because I need to walk for about 10 minutes.

 My estimation was off. When we got off the bus I was on the peak of my pain. I squat again, I was waiting for the pain to decrease when it rained. My husband hold my hand, he told me that we need to start to walk before the rain getting heavier. So I pushed my self to walk while I feel so much pain. I stopped 3 times when the pain was unbearable. People stared at me but I didn’t care. 10 minutes walk felt like a year in hell. 

I made it home, a little bit wet. I laid on the couch, my husband played a comedy tv show for me, he knew that it helps to distract my pain. I curled in a ball, covered by my fave blanket. Received the pain, surrendered… waiting until it passed while watching “Rick and Monty”. I fell asleep. I woke up an hour later, exhausted. My body feel sore. 

My husband asked me to order Indian food from our fave restaurant. He said I deserve a comfort food, it has been a hard day. God, I love him 😍 

Pain Checker

Light bleeding, cramps, lower back pain (1-7/10)

Total ibuprofen taken: 4

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