I received a text from my mom this morning that says:

“Why don’t you do salah (Muslim’s 5 times a day prayer), it might healed your condition (Adenomyosis).”

She told me to pray because she assumed I don’t, she assumed that my condition is related to me not praying.

I am a 33 years old adult. I don’t live with her. When I still live with her I have never told her to do salah although I knew she seldom do it. It’s her business with God. I’m expecting the same respect, but what I got is a judgement. It hurts when you received that from your own family members.

She might never meant to hurt me, but it’s so insensitive of her said something like that. She doesn’t even know what are my efforts medically and spiritually. She doesn’t even know whether I pray or not. In my opinion people shouldn’t know about it because it’s your private business with God. 

I feel so disappointed and hurts.

I knew that I can’t say something nice to reply her text, so I didn’t reply her. 

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