October Pain Update 

Here’s the update for this month:

* My Pain is worse than last month. I’m not sure why… There are some changes in my life routine:

  1. My doctor changed my medicine on Sept
  2. I started jogging this month, according to my experience too much physical activity causes the pain escalating. So I assume that this is the case this time?
  3. I ate more salmons this month, but wait… salmons are anti-inflammatory, so… it should help with the pain, right?
  4. I drank too much green tea latte and fruit teas? The possible culprits are the dairy and sugar.

* Rectal pain is a bitch! Why, Adeno? Why? Yes, it comes back again! 😤😤😤

* I ran out my current medicine, my doctor told me that she wants to give a gap for the next medicine. Meanwhile, she asks me to take coriander decoction twice a week.

* I hurt my foot when I tried my rain boot. If you ask how come? I wore it to do fast walk for 5km, that’s how 😆😆😆 After 4 days rested, my foot felt better, but then I used it for the 5km run. I hurt it even worse and I have been feeling pain for 17 days now. I can walk slowly, but once in a while there’s pinching pain occurs. So, maybe I will need another week to start to do long walks again.

* I’m mentally exhausted because of Adeno and foot injury pain.

I need a plan to get away from this chronic madness!

2 Replies to “October Pain Update ”

    1. I’m trying to follow the Endo diet from The Endometriosis Health and Diet Program: Get Your Life Back by Dr. Andrew S. Cook. In this book, it mentioned that I can eat meat (organic, free-range/free-caught, no hormones) but cut down carbs completely on phase 1 but apparently my body too sensitive to meat, so I might need to modify according to my condition.
      Since I ate too much fish (more than once a week) since I tried my new diet per Feb 2018, my pain increased a little and my cycle length is shortened again, lol. What a life!
      Have you started your Endo diet?

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