Because Adenomyosis is NOT Good Enough!

BenQ Medical Center, Nanjing, China
BenQ Medical Center, Nanjing, China

I went to BenQ hospital today. I haven’t got my uterus checked up for more than a year now. I totally forgot. I kept delaying to go to the hospital, waiting until I got no pain at all. And when that time came, I forgot about it because I had to catch up with the chores that I have left behind while I was in pain. The same cycle repeats until 16 months later, which is today.

I took a subway to go to the hospital. It was a sunny but a very cold day. Well, it’s winter, I couldn’t expect it was sunny and warm😬 Overall… pretty nice day.

The hospital was pretty quiet compares to the normal day. Today is Sunday and it’s Chinese New Year holiday.

I met a new gynecologist, surprisingly she speaks a little bit English. She sent me to get an ultrasound on the second floor. No queues at all at the gynecological sonogram room, the technician also checked my uterus thoroughly, no rush at all. Hospitals in China usually very busy, the checking process usually seems rushed, but not today.

After 10 minutes waiting, I got the result.

What a wonderful day for Ellie! Now I have Adenomyosis, fibroid, and chocolate cysts. Yep, because Adenomyosis is not good enough! A warrior needs more medical conditions, more pain to hold. Isn’t that right, God?

My current uterus size is 85x81x89mm, it’s bigger than my last scan in October 2016, which was 70x61x69mm. I kinda knew that my uterus grew bigger because all of my jeans didn’t fit anymore a few months ago, meanwhile, my weight is about the same. But I’ve never thought that I will have fibroid and chocolate cysts. My last ovaries reading was normal. Well.. not anymore…

My gynecologist told me to take a  blood test so they can check something related to the cysts and the risk for ovarian cancer. I will get the result in two days.

I felt sad after receiving that bad news. I walked towards a waiting room where not many people around. I cried.

Not long after that my husband called, he asked me how’s the result? I delivered the bad news while crying. I could hear his voice breaking. He asked me whether I want him to pick me up at the hospital. I said no, I want to take a walk for quite awhile on the way home.

Well, it’s a sad day for Ellie today. I don’t feel angry to God anymore. I just feel sad and tired…

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  1. Hi, Ellie,

    I am so sorry to hear that your results came back with upsetting news. Try not to let this get you down, though. Now you have a clear picture of what is going on and you can work towards attacking the problem. You have lots of different options when it comes to healing and you’ve done a great job in tracking your symptoms, foods and supplements. I know how painful and difficult this disease is (I have endometriosis, but our struggles are very similar) but you’re not alone. Feel free to message me anytime you want. Also, I was the one who commented you about the journal. I appreciate it and I will be purchasing the same one you got. c:


    1. Hi, R!
      Thank you for your warm message. It’s always comforting when I read a message from someone who understands my struggles:)
      You are right, I have a new plan ahead. I’m going to follow advice from The Endometriosis Health & Diet Program book by Dr. Andrew Cook for the next few months, let’s see what happen.
      I’m glad you’re deciding to track your symptoms, it’s very useful to track what food that gives you pain. I recommend you to read the book that I mentioned earlier. He also has a clinic in LA, maybe you can discuss your condition with him if it’s possible.
      Ciao for now, wishing you pain-free days!

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