Endo Diet Phase 1: Day 5

Happy Valentines Day!

My husband and I  went to Walmart this evening. We found these Chocolate truffles on sale, we grab a box.

I normally don’t crave for chocolate so much, but today I really want to eat it. But if I eat it I will ruin my Phase 1 Endo Diet 😣 Well, it’s kinda ruined since I eat too much fish (which legally allowed in the list but my body sensitive to it!). It gives me lower back and lower abdomen pain until now. I was like, f**k it! I’m already in pain, why can’t I eat the chocolate then?

I just took Diclofenac and Pantoprazole to relieve the pain. I don’t want to feel anything, I need to make cat food for my lovely cat tonight, I don’t need the pain to ruin it!

Anyways, for today’s review: I only eat veggies today. I felt fatigued all day, maybe because I don’t have enough calories for my body. I couldn’t even finish my morning yoga because I felt so weak. I started to feel pain when I walk from my apartment to Walmart, the fish effect from yesterday stays. That sucks…

Maybe I shouldn’t do Phase 1 for a month, considering I can’t eat meat every day and I can’t eat legumes or grains on Phase 1. Where can I get my calories and protein from? I’m thinking to go to Phase 2 immediately to get my non-meat protein source. I will make the decision tomorrow.


I ate 9 pcs of the chocolate truffles, I made sure that I wouldn’t  have inflammation by taking 2 turmeric+ginger capsules! LOL… Thank God it works!

I decided to go on Endo Diet Phase 2 so I can eat some legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. I will eat meat (fish and/or eggs) only once a week (max), just like before. I hope it works!

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  1. I just bought the same book and am starting phase 1 tomorrow…I hate that we can’t have chocolate or pretty much anything besides meat and veg. :c

    1. Good luck with the phase 1!
      Me too! Phase 1 is a bit extreme because not many foods we can eat. As long as you can eat meat and veg, I think you can through this phase with a little problem. Maybe some cravings in the few days like I did, LOL.
      For me, I think I have to pass phase 1 and go to phase 2 instead because my body is sensitive to meat, I don’t think I can fulfill my daily calories need just from veggies. I hope it will work just fine…
      Anyway, I’m glad I have an Endo diet buddy! I’ll check your blog to see how are you doing:) Stay strong!


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