Sleepless Night, Thank You Pain!

My period started earlier this month, I think it’s because of too much fish in my diet. It’s down from 27 days cycle on Nov-Dec 2017 and 28 days on Dec 2017- Jan 2018 to 24 days on Jan-Feb 2018. Darn fish! 😡

Pain wise, it’s  about the same as my last period. Until yesterday (Day 10). Well, it’s my own mistake, I ate sambal (Indonesian traditional spicy salsa-like sauce) with my dinner because I barely feel pain all day (cocky!). I had to learn the hard way, again! 😰

I stayed up late to make a big batch of fruits and veggies juice. Around 11:30 PM I felt cramps on my right lower abdomen, I took 1x500mg valerian root capsule (It works as muscle relaxer) I thought it will help to relieve the pain, but I was wrong. When I finished my juice around 00:50 AM, my pain escalated so fast. I had rectum pain (3-4/10), right lower abdomen pain (2-3/10), and lower back pain (2-3/10). Around 1 AM I took Serrapeptase+Nattokinase, it usually helps to relieve the pain that was not that severe, but the thing was it continues for hours, I couldn’t sleep at all. I cried because I felt frustrated, none of my medicine worked. At 3:50 AM I made a coriander+ginger decoction, I felt slightly better around 5 AM. I took diclofenac+pantoprazole around 6 AM. I feel much better one hour later. It’s official, I didn’t sleep at all last night! It’s the first time in my life it happens. 😭

I need to stop doing stupid things that hurt me >_<

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  1. I’m so sorry you didn’t get any sleep the other night! I also went out and had restaurant food and it ended up causing me pain, as well. Do you find valerian usually works for you? I’m stocking up on things before we leave for Europe. I usually take magnesium for muscle cramps but I’ve read a lot of good things about valerian.

    1. Aweee… I guess it wasn’t our lucky day! -_-”
      The valerian root is a new supplement for me, it worked for me the first couple times I took it, but not that night, so I couldn’t tell yet.
      Does magnesium work for you? I will start magnesium a week from now.

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