I’m Indonesian lives in China. I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis in September 2014. It took 2 painful years for me before I decided to visit a gynecologist to checked my condition. Having this condition and trying to get heal in China is a double trouble for me. I don’t speak Chinese and most of the people here don’t speak English. Going to a hospital just to get checked is a pain in the butt -_-”

In this journal, I want to share my story living with Adenomyosis and my efforts to heal from this disease. Should you have succeeded to heal from it without surgery, please feel free to share your experience with me and other readers. Thanks a bunch!


As per Feb 4, 2018 – I also have Chocolate Cysts (Endometrioma) and Fibroid. Yay? -_-”

Ellie ~ Adeno Warrior


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    1. Hi Leyla,
      Sorry for the late response. I have been traveling lately.
      I’m good, the treatment result is not much difference from the previous month. The monthly pain is slightly lower to 1-5 range, for me it’s a good news. I just need to be more consistent with my endo diet and walking/yoga 😆
      My cycle is a bit messed up these last 2 months… I don’t know why. I went from 24 days cycle to 22, down to 15 days 😱 and then up to 21 days last month. And now, day 30 of my cycle, I still haven’t get my period. I just have no clue what happened 😆😆😆
      So how about you?

      1. Hi Ellie;
        I’m happy to hear from you and for that your pain is going down.. Actually, summer time or after travel, my period time usually changes, I mean sometimes late, sometimes early.. it’s a mess.. Nowadays, I’m also waiting for my period, it is late app. 10 days…

        Regarding my situation, my doctor decided to give a break for IVF treatment, because my uterus did not respond well to the cures. And then my doctor and me decided to have an operation for adenomyosis after my period. He will try to remove adenomyotic parts of uterus, cyctic parts and two small myoms.. Time is passing, I’m getting older and I have no another choise than operation, since my uterus is not like an uterus.. Tissues are too affected from adenomyosis, the shape of uterus is not regular, it is too big like 3-month pregnant, and so on… So, I hope the operation would go well…

        By the way, as I wrote previously, running (not during period time) worked for me. My last period was painless (there is no pain really no pain! even I could not understand when it started to bleed.. it was unbelievable!.. But, bleeding took app. 14 days 🙁 …) and now, I do not have pain pre-period, but let’s see the during period if it comes :)))
        I always pray for you, me and the women like us…
        Love for now;

        1. Hi Leyla,

          I’m sorry about your uterus, I really hope that the operation would go well… Sending you prayers and love 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

          Regarding your pain – OMG, I’m so happy for you that you have no pain at all! 😍😍😍 Your body reacted very well with you life style and diet changes. I wish mine also like that, my uterus is just too stubborn 😆😆😆

          I will keep you in my prayers, please give me update about your operation 😊

  1. Hi 🙂 I have had terrible pain during periods for over 20 years. Here are some things that have helped me, maybe they will help you too. I find the more things I’m doing to help the pain, they all add up to have a greater effect.

    To be clear, I have not cured myself, and as the condition got worse as I aged, some things stopped helping and other things I’m going to try.

    1) Start taking ibuprofen before your bleeding starts, if you are regular enough to anticipate it. I usually start feeling a slight pain two days before, so that’s when I know to take it. My doc told me to take 400 mg 4 x / day (it’s a LOT of ibuprofen, so drink a lot of water and take with food.) Ibuprofen tamps down the hormones in your body that causes cramps. I find this helps take it down maybe 1 notch.

    2) tylenol #2, with codeine and with or without caffeine. In canada, I can get this over the counter. Tylenol 2 does not have as much codeine in it as tylenol 3 which is a controlled nartotic and addictive. Tylenol 2 is not addictive. It has just enough codeine in it to give the tylenol and extra kick. I have the kind with caffeine for day time, and the kind with no caffeine for nights. You can combine this WITH your ibuprofen use, because this med stresses the liver, whereas ibuprofen stresses the kidneys. Check with your pharmacist about doses. If this is not available over the counter in China, you might have to ask your doctor for a prescription. Combining the two is MUCH more effective than one or the other by itself.

    3) chemical heat pads. Look up Robaxecet heating pads – they’re single-use chemical heating pads designed for back or shoulder use. They also fit perfectly into underwear, over the belly or across the back, or both! You can walk around with two heating pads on and no one will know. If heat helps your pain, this will help you.

    4) TENS unit. I haven’t tried this, but I have a friend who loves hers. If you get a doctor’s prescription you may be able to get one for free, again I’m not sure about the benefits in China. There has been research which shows this is beneficial to women with painful periods, and the women I know who bought one, love it.

    5) Ice Packs. I get so hot with the heating pad in my bed at night, I find having a cold ice pack on my head helps me to sleep. So does the Tylenol #2 without caffeine.

    6) I see your mom told you to pray, implying her assumption that you don’t pray regularly and that caused or is making your condition worse. I know you already know this, but I just want to echo the truth: OF COURSE it’s not your fault, and prayer does not replace medical help. Humans have been praying ever since we developed brains advanced enough to have a concept of prayer. If illness could be cured with prayer alone, we wouldn’t have doctors or hospitals. Unfortunately, so many people think this way. I think it’s because they’re trying to explain something they don’t understand, or they aren’t capable of being truly empathetic.

    As for me, I’m almost 40 now and I’m going to get a hysterectomy. I’m ready and I’m looking forward to it. I hope this has helped.

    1. Hi Kate,
      Thank you for sharing so much information with me! 😍
      1. Ibuprofen – Yes, my cycle is quite regular and yes, I take ibuprofen when the slight pain has started. But I only take 1-2 * 200mg / day. I have a sensitive stomach that’s why I tried to keep my ibuprofen intake as low as possible. But I will give a try what your doctor advised, maybe 4 * 200mg is enough for me (I’m underweight).
      2. Tylenol – it’s difficult to get in China, I can order it directly from the US or Canada. Doctor here won’t prescribe Tylenol, they will prescribe the local equivalent of it. Oh, I can’t take caffeine, even Midol that has caffeine makes me feel high and couldn’t do anything 😁
      3. Robaxacet – I couldn’t find it in China, we have some kind of pain reliever patch here, is it the same?
      4. TENS unit- I’ve heard about it but never try it. I’ll have a look.
      5. Ice packs – won’t work for me, it will give me cramps.
      6. Thank you for your kind words 😊 That’s true, we will not need hospitals and doctors if all we need to cure illness is prayers. My mom has low education and she lives in a village, I don’t think she knows better… She is trying to give solutions according to what she knows 😔

      Good luck with your hysterectomy, I hope everything will go well 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
      I’m still trying to have a child, so it still a long journey for me…

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

      ~ Ellie

    2. Hi, I have been diagnosed with Adenomyosis, Endometriosis and a large anterior-lateral fibroid that is on a stalk. I’ve had heavy periods and pain all my life. I was also seen as ungodly by my parents (one of whom is a doctor). On one level I understood that this was nonsense, but it did stop me asking for help, because I felt ashamed. It wasn’t until my uterus swelled to the size of end stage pregnancy and the fibroid grew to the size of a grapefruit that I spoke to the GP. The ultrasound doctor was so lovely when she said that it was quite sore looking and that I must be experiencing a lot of pain. I’m 49. And I am so relieved that I don’t have to find ways to hide the problem.

  2. Halo salam kenal .. saya juga dari Indonesia.. bisa kenal lebih dekat ? hihihi.. ingin tanya2 mengenai pengobatan yang ditempuh juga ini.. Saya kebetulan juga ada group chat..di wa.. siapa tau mungkin berminat untuk sharing dan nongki2 bareng dengan kita yang di Indonesia sesama Adeno Fighter.. Salam semangat ….

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