Walk + Seafood Buffet = Awesome Day 

I walked a lot today. I walked from my apartment block to a supermarket downtown. It’s actually not too far, only about 1.5 km if I took a shorter way but I need to exercise so I took a longer way. It took 3.55 km to go there 😬I walked home from the supermarket but I didn’t turned on my walking tracker. 

My husband and I went to a seafood buffet for dinner. It was an all you can eat buffet and it had a various food sections. Sushi and sashimi sections, hot pot sections, western food sections, fried seafood sections, Chinese food sections, barbecue sections, fruits and drinks sections, desert sections, and a couple other sections that I don’t know what to call 😆 It’s so awesome! Here are some pictures from the restaurant.

I only ate vegetables, salmon, and pickled ginger, so I think I’m still on my Endo diet track 😜 After finished our dinner we walked home. So total I have walked 7.9km today. You did a good job today, me! 😆😆😆

Remember The Pain!

It’s 2am. I woke up few minutes ago because I started to feel pain. Lower abdomen cramps 3/10, lower back pain 3/10. I knew it will escalate soon if I didn’t take ibuprofen. I started to feel nauseous and the pain from my lower back goes to my right leg.

Next time when you want to drink green tea latte, remember this moment, remember this PAIN!

Shopping Review: Amazon China

It’s quite difficult to get English language books in China. Luckily we have Amazon China. So far I could get whatever books I wanted there. Some books are ready stocks but some of them are need to be delivered from the United States.

This time I bought 2 cookbooks to support my Endo diet. One called “The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook” by America’s Test Kitchen 

And another one called “The Anti Inflammatory Diet Cookbook” by Madeline Given, NC.

I will not review the book now, but I will review the shopping experience from Amazon China. So let’s begin…

The books are as described in the listings, One of the book (The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook) has a poor binding (as some people mentioned on Amazon’s review), the packaging was good, delivery time from the United States was 35 days (as estimated). It was a free shipping and I didn’t have to pay duty fee.

The Amazon delivery guy called me in the evening, he sound nervous when I picked up the phone and said, “Hello”. He was silent for a second, I bet he thought “Dang, this foreigner doesn’t speak Chinese!” 😂😂😂 And then he said “Hello” and started to talk in Chinese very slowly. Well, I know a little bit Chinese 😁😁😁 He was nice, so 5 stars for the delivery guy.

For payment method I chose cash on delivery, this is the first time I tried this payment method and no problem at all. 

Overall, I feel satisfied with Amazon’s service, 5 stars!


Pretty Banana Chips

I really like banana chips. This is one of not too many healthy snack options for me. Banana contains vitamins (vitamin C, B6, riboflavin, folate, pantothenic acid and niacin), minerals (potassium, manganese, magnesium, and copper), fiber, and protein. Pretty rich for a cheap fruit!

The problem with banana chips that I bought from supermarket are none of them are sugar free. Sugar are inflammatory, that’s a NO NO for people with Adenomyosis. Once in awhile consuming sugar is fine, but everyday consumption is a suicide. So I was thinking to make my own banana chips at home. I thought, “how difficult could it be? Just slice it and throw it in the oven, and walah… a healthy snack is ready”. 😍

A very confident me started to slice bananas that I have and put it on parchment papers. Nope, I didn’t look on recipes on google. I told you, I was very confident! 😁

I made 2 trays as a trial. And put it in the oven. 150 degrees Celcius for 30 minutes. The bananas started to look mushy. I poked it with a fork, it was really soft. I thought, “It might need more time to make it dry”. So I let it continue baking.

I had a bad feeling about it so I started to googling banana chips recipes. Most of the the recipes said I should put it on low heat, around 100 degrees Celcius for 2-3 hours. Oh, I’m screwed! But a very positive thinking of me thought, “just put the heat to low and wait for another 30 minutes. It will dry… the bananas will look good!”

So I set my timer to 30 minutes and get busy. 

30 minutes later…

Isn’t pretty? Pretty burnt! Straight to the trash can! 🤣🤣🤣

Next time, I will make it right! 😁😁😁