BTPP Day 7&8

Day 7

Well, I ran out Papayas and I was too lazy to peel mangoes 😬 It’s hard not to eat snacks from wheats 😓

Day 8

Still didn’t eat Papaya but I drank Pineapple Ginger drinks, so… can we call it even? Wheat… still a big challenge for me 😰

BTPP Day 6

Day 6

Oopsiee… my dinner was too spicy 🌶 I couldn’t hold my almost perfect score for a quite long time, could I? 😬

Oh, my doctor told me that I shouldn’t be fasting too long (7 days as per today), so, I will stop tomorrow. I will only do it twice a week just like before. I lost 1kg in a week, that’s not what I wanted…

Here are some pictures from yesterday:

BTPP Day 5

Day 5

At last! All checked! Minus the wheat consumption, it’s almost perfect 😆 I will try to make it perfect tomorrow, at least for a week. My period will come soon, I need to be kind to my body 😇

Happy Uterus = Happy Girl 😜

BTPP Day 4

Day 4

Still not a perfect record. I didn’t fulfill 2L water per day target, I didn’t eat any fruits, and I ate wheat snacks 😫

The good news was I able to take a long walk without any pain, yay! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I walked to Walmart for the first time in 3 weeks. Well, all of these painful days were my fault… I hurt my foot when I tried a new pair of boots, but instead of let it healed and took a rest, I ran for 5K 😬 I’m sorry foot, I should’ve listened to you!