Eating Clean: Day 4

I didn’t feel hungry but I knew I need to eat breakfast. So I made a wholewheat peanut butter toast and cut an apple. I prepared a cup of plain yoghurt but ended up not eating it. An apple and a toast was enough.

I ordered vegetable soup for lunch. The restaurant messed up my order, they forgot my cauliflowers 😫

For dinner I had rice, organic egg, and steamed veggies with Sambal Pecel (Indonesian specialty peanut sauce). It was sooooo good! 😋😋😋

Started from yesterday, I have been snacking dried goji berries 😋

Eating Clean: Day 3

Pain checker: Day 11 – Slight back pain (2/10) and dullness on lower abdomen (1/10)

Breakfast: a wholewheat peanut butter toast, a half of apple, and some strawberries. I also drank warm honey lemon 30 minutes before breakfast time. I use raw honey.

I ordered cabbage dumplings and shredded potatoes for lunch. And I made my own favorite dumpling sauce with lots of raw garlic 😁

So… after I took a bite of the dumpling I tasted something strange. The dumplings not only filled with cabbages, it’s also filled with something taste like meat. After I checked again the dumpling’s description on the takeaway app, it said also contains dregs of fat. I was so hungry, I ate 9 pcs of it 😞 I knew I will pay for this…

Pain checker: 3pm – slight backpain 3/10, slight cramps 2/10

I’m sorry my body, I just betrayed you 😔

I lost my appetite, I only ate some shredded potatoes from lunch and a couple of purple sweet potatoes.

Eating Clean: Day 2

I woke up with slight cramps (1/10) and slight rectal pain (2/10). Overall the pain is manageable 🙏🏼 Today is day 10, I should be pain free soon. 

Today’s breakfast is a wholewheat peanut butter toast with bananas and dragon fruits.

Pain checker: 

12:40pm – 5/10 back pain and cramps, 1 ibuprofen has been taken. I guess the party is not over yet 😞😞😞 Frustration detected… breath…

I just ordered a bowl of vegetable soup with rice noodle and quail eggs for lunch. I think it’s a healthy option minus the chili oil and the plastic bowl 😁😁😁


Me and my husband ordered sushi for dinner. So…. my fish and seafood quota for this week has finished 😁 My doctor told me I can only eat fish/seafood maximum two meal per week. 

I don’t crave chicken anymore. The last time I ate chicken was 2 months ago. I craved for KFC’s fried chicken. So, me and my husband ordered a bucket of fried chicken for both of us. I only ate 1 chicken breast. What I really like from KFC’s chicken is the batter for the chicken 😂😂😂 I ate so many chicken batter that day, I peeled the batter and the skin and ate it, then gave the meat to my husband. I was so stuffed with chicken batter and skin. My body stop craving chicken until now, it had enough! 😂😂😂

Eating Clean: Day 1

As what I posted yesterday, I’m committed to change my poor diet to support my Adenomyosis healing. As my doctor said, I have to change for my own good. She was right, I should remember the pain. The pain that caused me have to had bed rest for few days every month 😭😭😭

It’s day 9 from the first day of my period. The bleeding has stopped on day 5, but until today I still can feel the pain. Today’s pain are slight cramps (3/10) and slight rectal pain (2/10). I think I can manage without ibuprofen today. 

I’m thinking to keep food journal of what I eat every day to keep in track, and the picture will speak it self. 


I had a cup of warm lemon water and honey 30 minutes before breakfast but I didn’t take picture of it 😁 Yes, my apples in the picture look oxidated. I took this pic half way finishing the whole bowl 😆



Around 11:30 I had cramps, back pain, rectal pain, and right leg pain (7/10). I had to take 1x200mg ibuprofen. It’s 4pm now, the pain level went down to 3/10.