3 Days Juice Fasting: Day 1

I’m planning to do 3 days juice fasting start from today to detoxing my body.  Yes, I failed again and again with my Endo/Adeno diet, but I’m not giving up yet. I’m restarting today and I hope it will go well.

2:07 PM – I’m struggling with hunger.  I can’t concentrate doing anything because my stomach keeps growling. I drank 1 L carrot juice so far, wish me luck!

BTPP Day 3

Day 3

I didn’t drink lime water but I drank Pomegranate & Kiwi juice, so… can we call it even? 😬

I didn’t eat any fruits and I ate fried rice for lunch. Ohhhh… it’s so hard not to eat fried rice 🍚 😭

My doctor texted yesterday. We evaluated my current condition. Why did my last period pain even worse? She asked me how’s my diet? Well, I kinda lost track on my food notes… but then I checked on my food pictures. And the result was I ate too little fruits and too much fried food 😖 Aweee… I will get long lectures again from my doctor 😭

Day 4, I will do better on day 4!

BTPP Day 2

Day 2

I didn’t eat any fruits and I ate a red alert food and a NO2 food. I just couldn’t help my self 😭

It’s Day 16 of my cycle. I just started my Ramadan fasting today. I tried on day 9, but I was in pain so I broke it. I decided to wait until I feel fit and that day is today. I have 8 days before my next cycle so I think that will be how many days I could fast this year. 

It breaks my heart 💔 but I have to accept the reality and respect my body. I will be very grateful if I could make it for the next 8 days. 

I have started to do yoga yesterday. The goal is to do it everyday just like before. My body has accumulated more fat on my belly, I will try my best to get rid of it and be healthier!

Yoga day 2: done!

Fasting update:

I made it until iftar. The first day was quite easy. I barely feel hungry, just my mouth felt dry.

Tomorrow will be more challenging, I will need to continue cleaning the new apartment. Ganbarimasu!