A walk to Groceries Store

I dragged my ass to produce a little sweat this evening. Instead of taking bus to go to Carrefour, I decided to walk all the way there. It was fun, a little bit cold but I enjoyed it.

I really want to try to jog, but dang it’s so windy and cold! If you asked, why don’t I use treadmill? Well, I don’t like walking or running in a running belt like a hamster, it’s boring for me 🀣🀣🀣

Jogging is quite challenging for me. I always have cramps after jog, so I take it easy… I know my limit 😊

My First Yoga in Two Months

The last time I did yoga was in January 1st, 2017.  Yes, it has been 2 months. this morning I woke up with slight lower back pain. My body felt so stiff like a wooden board, that’s why I decided to do yoga.

I’m just a beginner. I do yoga mostly at home, so I can’t do any fancy asanas πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Since I had miscarriage in May 2015, I mostly do post natal yoga. I found it it help to “massage” my uterus, I could feel relieved for my pain. It also strengthens my core muscles and stretches my back muscles, which I think beneficial for people with the same condition as I do.

I follow Elena Brower’s Post Natal yoga video for my exercise. I used to do it everyday, but I’ve been lazy these last couple months 😰

Elena Brower

You can get this DVD on Amazon. Nope, I’m not being paid for saying this πŸ˜†

This video is very gentle, that’s why I really like it. It also toned my fat tummy. It took more than a year to burn my stubborn fat belly but I got rid of most of it and feeling stronger.

I did the exercise from this video this morning, my body was as stiff as wood. I was struggling to do the poses properly, even for downward facing dog… one of my favorite poses. I was shaken when I did warrior I, oh dear😰 I must accept the fact that it will take couple weeks to stretch my muscles. Well, I did it to my self…

This is my yoga mat from Lululemon. It started to worn out 😬 My cat scratched it a couple times, added the beauty πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love this mat, it’s not slippery and doesn’t smells like chemicals. I’ll keep to use it until it torn apart or I have extra money to get a new one 😜


I feel that I need to vent once in awhile, and today is one of those days…

It’s day 13th of my cycle. I felt great this morning. I went to an animal hospital to get my cat vaccinated. I carried him in his pet backpack. He was a little upset but he seemed enjoying the trip. I took a taxi to go to the vet and took a bus home. I felt just fine until I have arrived home.

I feel lower back pain again. Seriously? It’s day 13! Why don’t you leave me alone, Adeno?! πŸ˜–

Until yesterday I still felt back pain and slight cramps. I thought I will be free today because I have passed my ovulation day, but then the pain sneaked back in! 😭😭😭

 Guess what? I will have my next period in 12 days. It means I might have 11 pain free days in a month. I have more painful days than pain free days. I’m trying to be positive all the time, but there are times when I feel tired with all of this pain. I just want to scream and cry! 😭😭😭

One More Hot Water Bag!

Another cat hot water bag! 😁

I need to replace my old cat hot water bag, so I got this one. Slightly bigger and softer.

I always have cramps and lower back pain on my period, so I need two water bag to relieve the pain. One for my lower back and one for my abdomen. 

I have a big smile on my face because my pain is light today. 

I love to feel the heat on my lower back and abdomen. It’s kinda distract my brain from the pain. I usually recharge the bag every 3 hours. The bag will keep warm until 5-6 hours, but it’s not hot enough for me 😬😬😬

I think I’m kinda addicted to the heat to relieve the pain. Before I use the electric bag, I used to use the one where you need to boil the water manually in a kettle. I burnt my lower back almost every month. Seriously, it left blister! 

I’m glad I switched to the electric type, it’s much safer. 😊😊😊