Valerian Root for Menstrual Pain and Rectal Pain

I ran out CBD oil and kinda low on money so I can’t order a new batch. It’s about $125 for a 60ml bottle, I can’t afford that right now because I also need to buy some other supplements to manage my Adenomyosis and Endometriosis symptoms. So I decided to order Valerian root from iHerb.

Buy it here, get 10% OFF for your first order and get 5% OFF if you are an iHerb returning customer. Or use the code: AJV3199 when you check out. 

Valerian works as a muscle relaxer and for me it works well to reduce menstrual pain cause by muscle spasms. I have rectal pain around my ovulation day. Diclofenac, cramp bark, even CBD oil barely able to touch this kind of pain. I always feel suffer because of it. It feels like somebody stabbing around my rectal area over and over again! But 30 minutes after I take 1000mg of Valerian root capsule, the pain has slowly gone. I was amazed! Finally, something works, lol. Another good news is, this capsule is very cheap. For 250 capsules of 500mg valerian root, I only pay $10.79 😀

Okay, now the tricky part. Valerian root makes me feel drowsy. Not a good solution for a day time pain reliever, especially when I have to do some work. I tried to find a way to get around this side effect. I remember that Spirulina will give us an energy boost and will make us stay awake, that’s why we shouldn’t take it before our bedtime. So….. my solution was to take Valerian root capsule with Spirulina tablets. Problem solved! LOL

Yes, I was playing a lab rat here. But since it worked, I couldn’t complain :p

I have to warning you about the smell of this product. It smells like sh*t, LOL. Seriously, it’s so stinky! But I don’t mind, as long as it helps with the pain :p

Anyway, I’m still struggling not to cheat while doing my Endo diet, but I will keep trying until I can go back in track just like before.

Until next time, ciao!

3 Days Juice Fasting: Day 1

I’m planning to do 3 days juice fasting start from today to detoxing my body.  Yes, I failed again and again with my Endo/Adeno diet, but I’m not giving up yet. I’m restarting today and I hope it will go well.

2:07 PM – I’m struggling with hunger.  I can’t concentrate doing anything because my stomach keeps growling. I drank 1 L carrot juice so far, wish me luck!

A Bite of Grilled Chicken = Pain

PS: The picture above is not mine

I made grilled chicken for my husband for dinner. He couldn’t finish the whole thing, so I put the rest of it for sandwiches for lunch. And… I took A BITE of it coz it smelled so good. Yes, A BITE!

Around 2AM I felt pain. I couldn’t sleep for almost an hour. I still have the pain right now… When will I ever learn? It’s really not worth it 😭😭😭

UnHappy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays in The United States. At this day friends and family will gather, thanking for whatever they grateful about, have a feast that traditionally consists of turkey meat, raspberries sauce, cornbread, green beans casserole, different kinds of pies, etc. This tradition is kinda new for me. When I was in China, my husband and I would just go to a restaurant and buy a thanksgiving dinner meal. But since we moved to America, we celebrate it with my husband’s family.

Sorry, no pictures 😞

To be honest, I felt so depressed all day. I woke up in the middle of the night and cried. I felt stomach irritation because of my pain killers, I felt frustrated because this crazy pain circle has no ending. I woke up this morning still feeling depressed. I went to Walmart with my husband, I felt mad at him because he went to McDonald’s and bought breakfast and didn’t asked me whether I want breakfast or not, I felt being ignored. I felt depressed even more.

Otw to thanksgiving lunch, I told him that I think my birth control pills made me feel depressed. He said, “you already depressed and unhappy even before you started your birth control pills”. Which is true, I don’t deny it, but I think the BC makes it even worse. He said, “It will be good for you to learn how to drive and start to find a job, you’ll meet people and won’t feel depressed.” This sentence stabbed me on my open wound. If I didn’t have pain that crippled me in the first place, of course I will get a job. I have a Bachelors degree for God sake! He might not realize it when he said it, but what he said hurt me so much 😭 I’m crying while writing this…

Nobody wants to live like this!

It’s hard enough for me being unable to go anywhere by myself, unable to walk around by myself, unable to take bus everywhere I want, to go groceries store anytime I want. Don’t make a statement that sounds like I don’t have a job because I don’t want to. Would an employer hire someone that unable to work 2-5 days a month because of crippling pain?

I’m so hurt.

The next day update:

I feel better today, not emotional at all.

My husband brought me dinner last night after he visited his friend for thanksgiving. Well, he is a good husband after all. It just sometimes men do not think twice before they talk and women who has excess estrogen have a high sensitivity 😁

Now I could laugh about what happened yesterday 😜