Walking project: Day 10

I hiked a mountain nearby my neighborhood today. It’s my first hike in almost a year. I walked 11.2 km (6.96mi) today and I felt great! 

My stomach is swollen, just like when I’m having my period. It has been like this these last 10 days. It seems that my uterus doesn’t like my new activity. I need you to hang in there dear uterus!

Walking Project: Day 4

Yesterday I walked for 2.33 km (1.45mi). Today I managed to ran a little, but mostly walked 😁 Total distance was 4.96km (3.08mi). I felt a little bit cramp and slight rectal pain after running but it was manageable.

More days to go!

Walking Project: Day 2


Today is the second day of my walking project. Yesterday I walked for 3.14km (1.95 mi) and today I walked for 3.34km (2.07 mi). I felt slight cramps on my lower abdomen and I also experienced rectal pain. I thought that was normal, my uterus was surprised with this new activity. As long as I can bear the pain, I will keep going.

I was practicing karate for about 4 years in high school and university. I used to run a lot. I knew how to fight in karate competition. I knew how to defense my self. I was a strong girl!

I don’t know when it started but I turned into a weak person. Adenomyosis is one factor of my weakness, but maybe I also spoiled my self too much. I’m enjoying the state of being in pain, I let this pain.. This disease to control my life. I know I can fight back this disease if I want, I just need to bear the pain! I have been in so much pain since I have this condition, so what about a little bit more to get fit?

I’m planning to buy fitness tracker band. Really want to get Jawbone Up, but I’m kinda broke right now. So I will buy Chinese brand instead, lol



I am healing gently

I had my USG result couple days ago. It wasn’t much different from my USG result on August last year. My symptoms definitely getting better compared to last year. I thought my current report will show that my Adenomyosis was almost gone or something like that. But I was wrong…

My Ayurveda doctor knew that I was felt down about it. She told me to tell my self that…

I am healthy

My uterus is healthy

I am healing gently

Stay away from stress, keep thinking in a positive way. 

She knows that I have a lot on my plate, she wants me to be relax and let it go…

I guess she was right…