Still about period.

My period started 8 days ago. I started to feel pain one day before. And today, even though the bleeding has stopped couple days ago, I still feeling pain. I couldn’t sleep last night because I felt back and rectal pain around 2am. I stayed awake until 5am. Now I feel very sleepy but I couldn’t sleep. All of the food that I ate today taste weird for me. Something is happening in my body, I just don’t know what…

In general I feel angry, frustrated, impatient, and tired in my current cycle. I’m loosing my excitement to heal from this stupid condition, I just feel tired.

Remember The Pain!

It’s 2am. I woke up few minutes ago because I started to feel pain. Lower abdomen cramps 3/10, lower back pain 3/10. I knew it will escalate soon if I didn’t take ibuprofen. I started to feel nauseous and the pain from my lower back goes to my right leg.

Next time when you want to drink green tea latte, remember this moment, remember this PAIN!

Night Pain

It’s 3:45 am. I have been waking up since 2 am. I’m in pain, back pain and lower abdomen pain. Even a level 4 pain could feel so painful in the middle of the night like this. I just took an ibuprofen. I still need to wait until it’s reacting so I can go back to sleep. Meanwhile I will try to manage the pain as much as possible πŸ˜”



4:20 am 

I’m still awake. The pain has been decreasing a little. 

Josh Groban and Linkin Park are singing for me 🎢 

My hot water bags are comforting me πŸ™πŸΌ

My cat woke up for awhile accompanied me. My husband woke up for a sec, rubbed my belly and then hold my hand while went back to sleep.

Although I’m in pain, I still have things to be grateful for. 

Life is good. 

4:50 am

The pain down to 2/10. 

I’m feeling sleepy, that’s good.. I think I will fall asleep soon. Just need to warming up one of my water bag one more time.

Good night… or… good morning…

March PD2: Miracle Day

Day 2

Total ibuprofen taken: 1

Symptoms: Heavy bleeding, Back pain (2-4/10), Lower abdomen pain (1/10)

Last cycle I took 4×200 mg ibuprofen on day 2. I had heavy bleeding, back pain (2-3/10), cramps (4-5/10), and nauseous.

I’m down from 4 to 1 ibuprofen. For me that’s a miracle! The endo diet works, the Ayurvedic medicines and supplements work. I’m very grateful!!! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ