Mar 2018: PD1 – 7 Hours Battle

That’s me after battled intense pains for 7 hours straight. Diclofenac, Valerian root, Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Turmeric, Magnesium, and massage, none of them helped with the pain. I could only be crying while watching The Big Bang Theory. Comedy usually helps to distract my attention from the pain, but not yesterday. I was so frustrated, I could only think about the pain >_<

I felt better around 6 PM, I took valerian root to relax my uterus’ muscles, it worked. Surprisingly I didn’t feel drowsy at all after that. I took Diclofenac+Pantoprazole after dinner to control the pain furthermore. Around 9:30 PM I took another Valerian root to help me sleep. It worked, I slept very soundly until the next morning.

One scary day has passed. Thank you my uterus for fighting alongside me with a great courage. We were suffering together yesterday. I promise to¬†eat less fish, do more yoga, and take the supplements on time. Let’s heal together _/||\_

May PD2

The madness started yesterday. 

I slept only 2,5 hours today. I’m bleeding like a slaughtered animal, I have no energy, and look like a zombie.


5pm : it’s a hard day. Lower back pain, lower abdomen pain, right leg pain, nauseous. 

Pain level 2-6/10