Walking Project: Day 2


Today is the second day of my walking project. Yesterday I walked for 3.14km (1.95 mi) and today I walked for 3.34km (2.07 mi). I felt slight cramps on my lower abdomen and I also experienced rectal pain. I thought that was normal, my uterus was surprised with this new activity. As long as I can bear the pain, I will keep going.

I was practicing karate for about 4 years in high school and university. I used to run a lot. I knew how to fight in karate competition. I knew how to defense my self. I was a strong girl!

I don’t know when it started but I turned into a weak person. Adenomyosis is one factor of my weakness, but maybe I also spoiled my self too much. I’m enjoying the state of being in pain, I let this pain.. This disease to control my life. I know I can fight back this disease if I want, I just need to bear the pain! I have been in so much pain since I have this condition, so what about a little bit more to get fit?

I’m planning to buy fitness tracker band. Really want to get Jawbone Up, but I’m kinda broke right now. So I will buy Chinese brand instead, lol



I am healing gently

I had my USG result couple days ago. It wasn’t much different from my USG result on August last year. My symptoms definitely getting better compared to last year. I thought my current report will show that my Adenomyosis was almost gone or something like that. But I was wrong…

My Ayurveda doctor knew that I was felt down about it. She told me to tell my self that…

I am healthy

My uterus is healthy

I am healing gently

Stay away from stress, keep thinking in a positive way. 

She knows that I have a lot on my plate, she wants me to be relax and let it go…

I guess she was right…

New Goals – Healing from Adenomyosis


Yesterday I read some discussions about how to heal from Endometriosis. As we know, Endometriosis and Adenomyosis are different diseases, but we can adapt Endometriosis diet to relieve the pain from Adenomyosis. I decided to try lifestyle changes that one of the lady in that discussion board mentioned. She succeeded to shrink her uterine fibroid and while her Endometriosis still occurs, the pain has been gone.

Here are some efforts that she have done:

To shrink my cysts and my fibroid, I took 1 tbsp of unsulphured blackstrap mollasses (BMS) mixed a large glass of water and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar ACV. The BMS is full of nutrients and helps with vitamin deficiencies, particularly iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It’s also high in sugar (being made from sugar cane) so it’s best to cut down on sugars when taking it. I had this drink two times a day, morning and night from a week before my period to a week later. During the other two weeks I had one drink every now and then. As my periods got shorter and lighter, I reduced the amount I was having. These days I just have it once in a while. Some times I’ll just use BMS as I would sugar. Some people love the taste. I’m not a fan but I persist with it knowing how much it helps me. The BMS slows down the bleeding, both from your normal period and the endometriosis bleeding outside of the uterus. The ACV helps break down cysts, tumors and adhesions. They both will also help with digestion,regulate your hormones, assist the liver etc. I was also rubbing caster oil on my abdomen every day after a shower and putting heat on it (to absorb it). They say to cover it in plastic but I didn’t think putting plastic over your skin with heat is a good idea since it leaches xenoestrogens directly into your skin. Just wear old clothes to to do this. The caster oil will also help break down adhesions, fibroids and cysts. It’s highly anti-inflammatory and it assists the liver dealing with eliminating all the toxic wastes associated with the endo. Sweating helps too so get active where you can. If you can’t move much, on a warm day, dress up in lots of layers and go outside in the sunshine and do some light work or gardening. Do whatever you can to sweat it out.

After I was diagnosed with my fibroid, I followed my routine and it was was completely gone within six months and my periods are hardly noticeable these days. I still have some adhesions which bother me a little but not as much as before. They usually flare up a bit in cold weather but I put heat on them and stretch them out with yoga poses such as the cobra and sun salutes. I used to be so bad, having them binding my lung to my ribs that it was very hard to breathe.

Some other things I did… I cut out dairy and wheat products at the time as they increase your estrogen levels. I ate foods that reduce estrogen… such as pairs, I replaced my shampoos and soaps with natural products that don’t have xenoestrogens, I watched my weight because estrogen is stored in fat. I reduced my stress levels because being stressed further depletes you of nutrients and electrolytes and adds to stress even further. I stared at the sun through filtered light between the trees every morning for five minutes. You intake more Vitamin D through your eyes than you do your skin but you don’t want to look at direct sunlight and ruin your eyes. While staring at the sun through the trees, I tapped my thymus gland about 100 times to stimulate my immune system. As crazy as this sounds, I didn’t make it up… this advice was given to me by my naturopath who cost me about $1000 a week. I gave her up for obvious reasons but I took away quite a bit of knowledge from her.

When I had bowel issues from endo complications and years of laxative and fiber abuse (as advised by my doctors), I took chelated magnesium…not magnesium oxide because that won’t be absorbed as readily, will just give you diarrhea and weaken the bowels. You want to get the bowels working as they should, not rely on laxatives. I took a good cod liver oil for vitamin D and vitamin A to restore mucous membranes. I did some yoga poses which aides in digestion. I replaced margarine for real quality orgnanic butter (with cultures). I didn’t eat much cheese, but if I did, it was guda cheese for the vitamin K2 (which also fixed my teeth). I oil pulled with sesame oil and organic coconut oil. I made a smoothie for breakfast every morning made from one banana, a big chunk of papaya, half a cup of almonds and some water. I added some raw egg yolk to it but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you know it’s fresh. To test it, I dropped it in salt water. If it floated or bubble, I didn’t use it. This drink is full of vitamin C, antioxidants, vitamin E and is highly anti-inflammatory. The egg yolk has some bacteria in it and is full of vitamins, minerals and biotin. I started off with a few teaspoons then increased it to one egg yolk, then two…. as my digestive system got used to it. I got these tips from a site called gutsense. Doctors keep telling you to increase your fiber when you’re constipated or have haemoroids… which I did. This makes it worse. The last thing you want to do to an already damaged lazy bowel is stretch it and make it rely on fiber for movement and that will stretch and damage it even more. I had very little fiber at the time. If I was constipated, I had a little prune juice which doesn’t have fiber in it (cause it’s just the juice) but works because the sorbitol pulls water from your body to the bowel. If you ever do that, do it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Drink two glasses of water before it, have the juice and then two glasses afterwards (not all at once). It works every time. I only did this when I was desperate… maybe once a week or fortnight, until I got my bowels working properly.

I also tried to avoid inflammatory foods (such as starchy white complex carbs like potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, etc.) and increased my intake of anti-inflammatory foods, herbs and spices, such as raw garlic, turmeric, ginger. If I was going to have an inflammatory food, I made sure I also had anti-inflammatory foods to negate the bad ones. I used nutritiondata dot com to help me figure which foods were the good and the bad. They have an “IF” factor for each food.

Another thing I did/do is try and combine my food properly. There are lots of ‘proper food combining’ charts out there that will help with digestion. When you have endo, there are so many toxins in your body so the last thing you need is your system overworking trying to digest bad foods. If you combine your foods properly, they’ll digest quicker, you’ll absorb more nutrients from the food because they won’t ferment in your gut and it will allow your body with more energy to eliminate toxins. It’s a bit involved but in a nut shell, you should eat fruits alone on an empty stomach before your meals. Melons about 20 minutes before. Sub acidic foods about half an hour before, bananas and papaya, an hour before. You shouldn’t mix complex carbs (potatoes, rice, etc) with proteins. You shouldn’t mix your proteins (unless it’s egg and chicken since they’re made of the same stuff. You should have dairy with any food because it will take 12 hours to digest. If you have carbs with veggies, it will take three hours. If you have one protein with veggies, it will take four hours. If you mix complex carbs with protein, it will take 8 hours, etc.

Discussion board links:




I have done/doing some of efforts that she mentioned. Here are my new goals, adapting from her list:

  • Consume blackstrap mollases and apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp each, twice a day).
  • Castor oil massage on my lower abdomen every night.
  • Take a walk every morning to get exposed by sunshine
  • Add new exercise to my list: walk around my apartment block. At this moment I only do yoga. I’m expecting will be able to run within few months.
  • Consume cod liver oil.
  • Healthy smoothie for breakfast.

I will start today. I will keep track of my symptoms and write the progress here. Wish me luck!

16 Months Adeno Recap


I have taken Adenomyosis treatment from Ayurvedic gynecologist since Feb 2015. I got pregnant on April 2015, I had miscarriage on Week 7 of my pregnancy. My doctor told me Adenomyosis caused my miscarriage. She advised me to wait until my uterus’ condition getting better to try to conceive again. She will decide my current state after I get USG this month. Wish me luck!

My monthly symptoms are less painful now. No more constipation and blood cloth in my menses. I’m tracking my pain state during my menses as follow:

Before treatment:

Day 1-3: Severe cramps, nausea, severe back pain, heavy bleeding, big blood cloths, dizziness – I wasn’t be able to do any activity at this state

Day 4-6: Medium cramps, medium back pain, rectal pain – I was able to do limited physical activity

Day 7-10/11/12(until ovulation day): light cramps, rectal pain – Able to do physical activity

After treatment:

Day 1: Severe cramps, severe back pain, nausea, heavy bleeding – Unable to do physical activity or able to do little physical activity.

Day 2-5: light cramps, light back pain, rectal pain – Able to do physical activity

Day 7-10/11/12(until ovulation day): little cramps, rectal pain

What are changes that I did to get this current state?

  • Consume Ayurvedic medicines.
  • Pesco vegetarian diet – I only eat fish maximum once a week. I still eat egg.
  • No dairy products.
  • Avoid high estrogen food (soy, eggplants, etc)
  • Anti inflammation diet.
  • Drink cinnamon powder + Green tea 2-5 times a week.
  • Post natal yoga – when I’m not in pain.
  • Avoid junk food. My hardest challenge is to avoid to eat factory produced snacks  (choco wafer, choco bars, muffins, crackers, etc)
  • Avoid spicy food – this is hard too, I love spicy food!
  • Take ibuprofen to relieve my pain
  • Apply hot water bag on my lower abdomen when I’m in pain.

I feel that I have my ups and downs fighting this disease. Sometimes I feel so lazy and I will skip my yoga in a week, eat factory produced snacks, eat my fave spicy food, eat tofu, milk shakes… And after that I will feel so much pain when I have my period. No one else to blame but my self… That’s why I think it’s good for me to have this journal, to keep me in track, to REMEMBER THE PAIN!

I know that my chance to have a child is lower because I have this disease, it makes me feel sad.. the pain every month, the fact about less chance to have a child.. it’s so depressing.. I run a business online, and it’s not in a good state right now, makes me feel more depressed -_-

Anyways.. I need to vent. This journal will be my vent media, my efforts tracker.. It’s the story of my life living with Adenomyosis.