Eating Clean: Day 59

I don’t like to cook so many times in one day and I don’t like to eat the same food twice a day. Tough choice for a lazy person! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† 

I usually order food for lunch, but I feel bored after awhile. So today I pushed myself to cook a quick lunch. I had vegetable leftovers from last night so I just needed to cook the protein. I baked some mushrooms. Quick and easy 😬

For dinner I cooked Lentils with carrots and tomatoes, stir fried long beans, and butter chicken for my husband. I spent two hours cooking in the kitchen and the food was finished in less than 30 minutes πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†


Today is one day before my next predicted period.

Pain level: 0/10

Symptoms: drowsy 

Eating Clean: Day 56-58

Trying to back to the right track started on day 56


Day 57: vegetarian sushi? Why not?!

Day 58: I didn’t miss my breakfast anymore 😁


16 Days of FailuresΒ 

It is so hard to keep on Adeno diet when you are on vacation. So hereby I declared I have been failed to keep on track of my adeno diet. As my doctor advised, I could only eat fish or seafood maximum twice a week. I shouldn’t eat fried food at all, but guess what? Along this vacation I ate hash browns everyday, frequently ate fried spring rolls, drank some cups of concentrated fruit juice, I ate cheese.. I have failed! And I know I will pay for this soon, it freaks me out. The pain is real 😭

Here are pictures of my meals these last 16 days. The devil stickers marked that I ate the restricted food. 

Eating Clean: Day 28 – 38

Another summary of my eating clean effort aka endo diet. I slipped here and there, that’s when I ate doughnuts, creamy mushroom soup, feta cheese, and drank green tea latte. As what I said in my earlier post. I paid for what I’ve done.