September PD1

Yesterday I got my period after 18 days late. The pain was terrible, it felt like someone trying to rip my uterus out of my body. I haven’t feel this kind of pain for quite awhile. Yes, I cried. I suspected jogging as the culprit.

I tried to make rice noodle for lunch, the pain was escalating so fast. I felt heavy cramps and I felt that I was going to passed out, I had cold sweats. It was terrible 😖

My husband came home from work around 5pm, I was curling on the couch. He said, “You look terrible, are you in pain?”. Yes, I was in so much pain!

I couldn’t sleep well last night. I took 1 x 200mg liquid ibuprofen around 11:30pm. But it didn’t touch the pain at all. I cried again, frustrated. The pain stayed until around 3am, I couldn’t sleep. I was watching a comedy tv show, but couldn’t distract my brain from my pain. And then I remember about massaging certain spot on my leg that might help with the pain.
I massaged that spot on my left leg, omg it was so painful! I kept doing it for about 15 minutes, I noticed that the pain had lessen. I felt relieved 😌 I massaged my right leg too, it wasn’t as painful as my left side. I was doing it until I fell asleep. Why didn’t I do it earlier? 😅 I really have problem to remember things that useful for my condition 😬

This is my left leg this morning, do you see the bruise? Yes, it’s worthy! 😆

Walking Project: Day 4

Yesterday I walked for 2.33 km (1.45mi). Today I managed to ran a little, but mostly walked 😁 Total distance was 4.96km (3.08mi). I felt a little bit cramp and slight rectal pain after running but it was manageable.

More days to go!

I am healing gently

I had my USG result couple days ago. It wasn’t much different from my USG result on August last year. My symptoms definitely getting better compared to last year. I thought my current report will show that my Adenomyosis was almost gone or something like that. But I was wrong…

My Ayurveda doctor knew that I was felt down about it. She told me to tell my self that…

I am healthy

My uterus is healthy

I am healing gently

Stay away from stress, keep thinking in a positive way. 

She knows that I have a lot on my plate, she wants me to be relax and let it go…

I guess she was right…