Dec PD2: My Uterus Hates Me

I stayed on the bed all day. Every time I tried to walk, I felt nauseous. I had a severe lower back pain. I couldn’t even sit. I felt that my lower back hated me so much, it was punished me with pain. My doctor told me that all of my periods pain are caused by Adenomyosis, so really my uterus is the one who hates me 😞 The cramps and leg pain were not too bad this time. 

I took 4x200mg of ibuprofen yesterday. It was really help with the pain. I’m not sure how effective it was to control my bleeding because I saw blood flooding came out of me 😆 Generally I can say this month’s day 2 is better than last month’s. The key factor is to take ibuprofen every 5 hours, not 6. The pain level was down from 8/10 to the lowest of 4/10 at some point. Yes, I didn’t cry yesterday 😍🎉👍🏼

I’m emotionally unstable in this period, I feel very sensitive, easily feel angry and sad. Yes, my hormones made me crazy.

Dec PD1: Here it comes… again!

This month’s period came earlier than what my period tracker app’s prediction. I’m not happy about it, because my cycle is getting shorter this last few months. I’m not sure if it’s something bad, but I don’t feel happy about it 😞

So Day 1&2 always be the most painful days. I’m preparing for that. My back feels so hurt, I can’t even sit. I also feel cramps, bloating, and nausea. I have been laying on my bed with hot water bag on my lower back all day. I take ibuprofen every 6 hours, which very helpful to relieve the pain. I just need to make sure to lay down and don’t move too much. I need to distract my brain from my pain, so I watch tv shows all day. Yes, I don’t have a job. One of the reasons I can’t get a job outside is Adenomyosis. It’s frustrating sometimes to think about it, I don’t want to talk about it now. I need to control my stress level..

One of many symptoms that people with Adenomyosis have is excessive bleeding. I usually experience this on day 1&2. And today I learned that ibuprofen actually helps to reduce the menstrual flow for about 28%-49%. I read it in this article:
Wow!!! How could I have never knew about that?

I’m a type of person that don’t like to take pills. Yes, any pill! I don’t even take any pill when I have cold. I’ll just eat lots of oranges and apples, eat a lot of food, drink a lot of water, and get rest. Anyway, taking ibuprofen to relieve my pain is such a defeat for me. I tried so hard to take the lowest amount of ibuprofen every month. I believe that it gives bad effect to my liver and kidneys. So, these last 2 years, I toughen up my self, bear the pain, took as less ibuprofen as possible.

But after I read how ibuprofen actually help to reduce the menstrual flow which means less pain at the same, I decided to accept the reality that I am needed this medicine. I’ll make sure I take ibuprofen before the pain escalating (before the 6 hours active ingredients worn out). Let’s see how it’s help with the bleeding. So far it seems work! 

Nov PD2: My back is killing me!

Yes, my back is killing me!

Yesterday the pain was manageable from morning until around 5pm. Light medium pain on my back and cramps in the morning and afternoon. I took 2 ibuprofen, 1 at 4 AM and another one at 10am. I thought the pain will be lessen at night that’s why I only took my daily Chinese medicine. But I was wrong, around 6 pm I felt that the pain escalating, I took 1 ibuprofen but it was too late. My back was so hurt, I felt that it was going to break, like someone stabbing my back over and over again. The hot water bag that usually ease the pain didn’t help at all. I couldn’t even feel the heat, the pain was too severe for me. I was rolling on my bed, crying for hours… waiting for the pain to pass.. oh my adeno… you’re really tortured me 😭😭😭

Nov PD1: Period Day 1

It has been more than 6 months since I wrote my last post. I decided to be more active posting about my condition. I want to be more open about my pain. Many women out there have Adenomyosis just like me, I want to share my experience so they know, they are not alone!

Day 1 of period was yesterday. The period started around 1 AM. I experienced cramps and back pain. I went to the kitchen to make hot water to fill my hot water bag. I ate a wholewheat biscuit and a banana, then I took 1 (200mg) ibuprofen. I went back to my bed and trying to go back to sleep. I think I fell asleep around 2 AM.

The bleeding on my first day of period was very heavy but without clots. The cramps and back pain was bad, I couldn’t wake up from my bed because of it. But not as bad as last month. I didn’t cry. So I can say the pain scale was about 7/10. The pain from my back radiated to my butt and my right leg (7/10). I couldn’t feel my toes for some time because of the pain. I also felt light nausea (3/10).

I didn’t feel like to eat on day 1 of my period. I just drank lots of water, 1/2 of lemon + 1 tbsp blackstrap molasses + warm water in the morning, and ate fruits and whole wheat biscuits.

For medicines, I took Chinese medicine that my local gyno gave me + Ayurvedic medicine + 4 ibuprofen.